FRR 46 – Create A New Food Legacy – Interview With Jennie Ormson

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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I interview Jennie Ormson – Clinical Social Worker – on why revisiting the stories of our past is an important way to uncover limiting beliefs and how to create a new legacy for yourself to have a good relationship with food and your body.


In this episode, we chat about:

  • On why the cross-over of emotions, food and power is a lethal mix
  • The importance of discovering the role that food plays and where these relationships came from
  • Why guilt and shame are what keep you trapped in the diet cycle
  • Understanding where our beliefs came from in order to challenge them and change them
  • Why the victim mentality keeps us stuck and how to break free from that
  • Unraveling where our self-beliefs come from and how to rewire them
  • How to shift beliefs and turn that into new behaviors
  • How to build self-worth outside of food and appearance
  • Why it’s important to look outside the food and body bubble to get outside the food and body bubble
  • Why we’re born as intuitive eaters and we often lose this based on the beliefs we develop about food as kids….and how we can get it back!!
  • Plus so much more!


Show Notes:

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My story talking about my relationship with food as a kid on At The Table With Allison & Jessi Podcast


Connect with Jennie:

Jennie’s Course – Simmer Down | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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