ETR 219: Diabetes Myths with Glenys Oyston & Rebecca Scritchfield

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Podcast Interview on Diabetes Myths with Glenys Oyston & Rebecca Scritchfield
Diabetes Myths with Glenys Oyston & Rebecca Scritchfield

In this episode of Eat the Rules, I’m joined by registered dieticians Glenys Oyston and Rebecca Scritchfield, talking about how to manage everything from pre-diabetes to diabetes from a health at every size perspective.

We’re unpacking all the myths, whether you need to be concerned if you are genetically predisposed, whether you need to cut carbs, and changes you can make to manage blood sugars without triggering the diet mentality

In This Episode, We Talk About

  • What inspired them to create the Self Care for Diabetes Program,
  • How the current approach dehumanizes people,
  • What their program covers and how it approaches everything from a HAES perspective,
  • That diabetes has an unknown etiology,
  • That you can have a long, happy life with a diabetes diagnosis,
  • Advice for someone whose doctor has recommended weight loss because of a diagnosis,
  • How dieting doesn’t make diabetes go away,
  • That it’s possible to make big dietary mistakes in the name of weight loss,
  • How they encourage self-discovery and experimentation, instead of the typical limitations or restrictions,
  • Advice to someone with pre-diabetes,
  • The importance of stress management for blood sugars,
  • That only a small percentage of people with pre-diabetes actually progress to diabetes,
  • How pre-diabetes is often over-diagnosed,
  • The importance of decreasing the shame of diagnosis,
  • That it is possible to manage diabetes without triggering the diet-culture mentality,
  • Plus so much more!

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