FRR 80: Tending to Health Without Triggering the Diet Brain – With Rebecca Scritchfield

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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I chat with Rebecca Scritchfield – Registered Dietician and author of Body Kindness – about how to tend to your health without triggering the dieting mindset, why Oprah’s collaboration with Weight Watchers is oppressive to women, what the process of diet recovery looks like and so much more.FRR Blog Post Template and Featured Image (2)

In this episode, we chat about: 

  • The inspiration behind the book Body Kindness – what it’s about and who it’s for
  • What the process of diet recovery looks like and why it’s a not a one-size-fits-all approach
  • How to leave dieting rules behind without feeling like you are completely out of control
  • Why intuitive eating can become a diet and how to overcome that in order to be a “normal” eater
  • Why Oprah’s collaboration with Weight Watchers is oppressive to women
  • Why restrictive diets that go under the guise of “health” are damaging to your relationship with food and completely unnecessary
  • How to overcome the good/bad paradigm as it relates to thinking about food
  • How to incorporate more healthful things into your life without triggering the dieting mentality
  • Plus so much more!

Links mentioned in the show:

– Body Kindness – Rebecca’s book

– Dieticians for Body Confidence

– My blog post on Oprah and Weight Watchers

Connect with Rebecca:

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