ETR 194: Body Image Series: Why It’s So Hard to Stop Dieting

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In this episode of Eat the Rules, I’m continuing the body image series, talking about why it’s so hard to stop dieting.

I also explore the addictive nature of diets, why this makes it so hard to break free, and what life is like without it.

In This Episode, I Chat About

  • How dieting is like a drug in our culture,
  • That there’s an anticipation of this perfect life and perfect body on the radar that keeps us hooked to dieting with a false sense of fulfilment,
  • That there’s grief, sadness, and loneliness associated with letting go of dieting,
  • Why community support is so important in breaking free of diet culture,
  • That the fear of the unknown is at the root of why it’s so hard to let go of dieting,
  • That dieting, and the identity as a dieter, is a false sense of security and armor that holds us back from having deeper and more real relationships with the people in our lives,
  • How this is an opportunity to find new coping mechanisms that will actually help you process your feelings and feel better about yourself, regardless of your size,
  • What life is like without dieting,
  • The freedom of eating without guilt,
  • How fulfilment is different from happiness,
  • That it’s not about having no emotional discomfort, it’s about learning to be with ourselves through the highs and lows,
  • Plus so much more!

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