ETR 181: How to Navigate Holiday Eating & Diet Talk with Shana Spence

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Podcast Interview on How to Navigate Holiday Eating & Diet Talk with Shana Spence
How to Navigate Holiday Eating & Diet Talk with Shana Spence

In this episode of Eat the Rules, I’m interviewing Shana Spence, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, about navigating diet talk.

We talk about how to navigate diet culture over the holidays including what to do about food guilt, urges to diet, and dealing with diet talk from family/friends.

In This Episode, We Chat About

  • Shana’s work as an “Eat Anything Dietician” and what that means,
  • How social media opened her eyes to the anti-diet movement,
  • How her personal history with diet culture and body image have driven her desire to help people,
  • How fear about indulging too much stems from restriction,
  • The importance of giving yourself permission to eat the fun foods,
  • Why it’s important to give your body more credit and trust,
  • That this is work and these feelings won’t disappear overnight,
  • How affirmations can help in healing your relationship with food,
  • How the trauma of this year has been hard on our bodies and dieting only increases that,
  • Shana’s advice on dealing with jokes about weight gain,
  • What we can learn from celebrity interviews on how to deal with diet-talk,
  • Why comfort food and emotional eating should be normalized,
  • How she came up with the name The Nutrition Tea,
  • Plus so much more!

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