One Misconception About Eating What You Want

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I talk a lot about how I eat what I want and how I teach women to eat what they want, but I gather what some people think when I say this is:


HOW CAN YOU PROMOTE SUCH AN UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLE… You are telling women to give up, eat McDonalds and sit on the couch watching TV shows with a minimum of 4 hosts all day long!! YOU are a menace to society!!!


I sort of agree with that last point, but I wanted to clear up one misconception about eating what you want.


Eating what you want doesn’t mean you have a disregard for what you eat or your health.


What you eat still matters. The difference is in how you apply this information.


You can use this info to become more self-aware of how foods are making you feel.


“I had pepperoni pizza and felt really sluggish and kept having cravings for more pizza afterwards…not to mention my date didn’t call me back because I spent the latter half of the evening in the thunder box…#awkward. I probably won’t eat pizza again because I really didn’t like the way it made me feel…but if I do, I’ll know that I probably shouldn’t schedule a romantic date. I’ll eat it, accept that I won’t feel great for a day, but will move on with life and it’ll be all good.”


Or you can use this info to send you into emotional turmoil and a downward spiral:


“Ugh, I feel so gross. I can’t believe I ate all that pizza yesterday. I’m such a failure and I probably gained 5 pounds…. I might as well just eat all-the-things since I already feel like crap. I’ll just start over eating clean on Monday and hit the gym hard.”



See the difference?


The latter is an unhealthy relationship with food. If you’re in this state of mind, of course the idea of eating what you want feels scary. You feel like you don’t have any control and will end up eating every carbohydratethat isn’t hidden away in a storage locker in Greenland.


The former is a healthy relationship with food. It’s going to be your greatest weapon to eating the foods that you want, finding balance and figuring out what works for you. Empowerment baby!


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