ETR 206: Movement Series: 8 Ways to Heal Your Relationship to Exercise

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In this episode of Eat the Rules, I’m continuing the movement series, a series of episodes to help you change your relationship to movement.

In this instalment, I’m giving you 8 steps to take to heal your relationship with movement.

In This Episode, I Talk About

  • How movement is not an obligation and there’s no morality associated with it,
  • How movement is different than exercise,
  • How it takes a long time to unlearn the lessons of diet culture, and we can’t always forget them,
  • A question to ask yourself to stop letting your weight dictate your movement choices,
  • The importance of listening to what your body needs and not the “shoulds,”
  • How to define what you really want out of movement,
  • How perfectionism and body image go hand in hand and it can get in the way of moving your body,
  • How acceptance is not about letting yourself go or giving up,
  • The dangers of comparison, both of our past-selves and others,
  • The impact of your environment on healing your relationship with movement,
  • Plus so much more!

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