ETR 202: Sexuality, Pleasure and Body Image with Megan Stubbs

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Podcast Interview on Sexuality, Pleasure and Body Image with Megan Stubbs
Sexuality, Pleasure and Body Image with Megan Stubbs

In this episode of Eat the Rules, I’m interviewing Dr. Megan Stubbs, EdD, a sexologist, relationships expert, body image specialist, and author of Playing Without a Partner.

We’re talking about why you are powerful on your own, how to enjoy being single, how we learned about relationships and sexuality wrongly through our culture, why virginity is a social construct, how to connect with your body’s needs and desires, and why vulva diversity is real.

In This Episode, We Chat About

  • How body image plays a huge role in how you live your day to day life,
  • How Megan got into this line of work,
  • What inspired her to write Playing Without a Partner,
  • The most harmful messages around being single,
  • How media makes us feel like we’re not complete without a partner,
  • Some things to NOT do to lead a fulfilling life as a single person,
  • How worrying about the future is a fruitless exercise,
  • Some of the things Megan loves about being single,
  • Why virginity is a social construct and how it’s not the same for men and women,
  • The mixed messaging on female sexuality,
  • Why it’s important to get to know your vulva,
  • Recommendations for someone who feels disconnected from sexual pleasure in their body,
  • Plus so much more!

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