ETR 192: The Culture of Impossible Parenting with Olivia Scobie

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Podcast Interview on The Culture of Impossible Parenting with Olivia Scobie
The Culture of Impossible Parenting with Olivia Scobie

In this episode of Eat the Rules, I’m interviewing Olivia Scobie, social worker and author of Impossible Parenting.

We talk about the culture of impossible parenting, its impact on our mental health, and how we need a shift from self-care to self-parenting.

In This Episode, We Chat About

  • How Olivia’s own experiences led her to work in perinatal mental health,
  • What the culture of impossible parenting is and that it’s very outwardly oriented,
  • How social media magnifies the impossible parenting pressure,
  • The importance of connecting with why you’re making the choices you are,
  • How this culture has evolved and changed over the years,
  • How we still haven’t figured out how to share the mental load,
  • How diet culture has permeated into parenting culture,
  • That it’s normal to have contradictory feelings, because it’s not possible to fully escape impossible parenting or diet culture, so you need to be gentle with yourself,
  • Tips on how to navigate this culture,
  • That parenting involves a lot of guilt, and a question to ask yourself to help you through it,
  • What self-parenting is and how to navigate it,
  • Plus so much more!

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