The Reclaim Retreat is here!

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OMG it’s officially here! The Reclaim Retreat with my friend and colleague Sarah Vance, and I is actually happening and this is your invitation.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet (like me!). Join us in May 2017 in beautiful La Jolla, San Diego, California for The Reclaim Retreat: A 2- day experience where badass women convene to disrupt society’s standards and rock their grown ass life.

The early bird price is on NOW and space is limited, so get all the details and your ticket here>>>

Reclaim Retreat

Also, check out this SUPER SPECIAL episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio where Sarah and I talk about the messy middle parts of our road to body love. You’ll hear us talk about the different stages we went through as we broke free of dieting and learned to accept ourselves in a completely candid way. This interview is also available in video so you can see our wicked dance moves, virtual high-fives gone wrong and serious faces.

I only have one question for you… will you be hanging with us at The Reclaim Retreat next year??!?!?!?!? It will be the most transformative 2 days of your life! Sledgehammers and sunshine included.

Be Smashing!