Do Negative Body Thoughts Rule Your Life?

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Your doppelgänger is not a reference to that tripped out college experience you had where you thought you were in the Matrix.


Your doppelgänger is that voice in your head that operates at 100 gazillion decibels telling you that you are gross, suck at life, are destined to be a cat lady, need to eat 15 doughnuts because it doesn’t matter, would be so much happier if only you had a flat stomach, should hide said stomach under a flowy top, are doomed to use 15 filters to feel good in any picture and should just get excited about shopping for granny-panties and fleece moo moos.


It’s that voice that holds you back from feeling hot-damn fearless.


Evil Doppelganger

How are you supposed to feel good about your body with this negative chatter blasting in your ear 24/7?


It’s no wonder when your friend says you look great in those jeans, you reply by saying, “Shut up! Maybe if I could saw off 3 inches of my waist with a chainsaw!!”


How are you supposed to make space for positive thoughts and behaviours when you are constantly dragging yourself back into self-hate mode?!?!


No wonder you do a body-scan-of-shame every morning and look to diet away your body problems.


Taming your doppelgänger is one of the most important steps towards becoming the bold, fierce and confident woman you desire to be.


You need to subdue that voice in order to create space for the badass that lives within.


The good news is that you can quiet the doppelgänger that currently occupies the real estate in your head. And in order to pass GO and collect your $200, you need to stop feeding this monster.


Starve the beast. Purge the negative influences that are cramping your style. Hit the delete button and say goodbye to various people, objects and thoughts that feed your doppelgänger.


Take stock of everything that is feeding your doppelgänger and get rid of it! Your scale? Smash it. Your My Fitness Pal? Delete that shit. Your friend who is always making comments about bodies? Tell her to stop.


This is the FIRST (of many) critical steps towards taming your doppelgänger.



What’s one thing you can purge in your life that would silence your doppelgänger? Sound off in the comments below>>>


Be Smashing!