FRR 57 – Finding The Warrior Within – Interview With Theresa Larson

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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I chat with Theresa Larson – author of Warrior – on her struggle with bulimia while she was serving in the military and how she found the courage to ask for help and abandon the idea of “perfect”.


In this episode, we chat about: 

  • How Theresa battled with an eating disorder while doing service in the military and her road to recovery
  • What it was like to admit that she needed help – in the military environment – and how she found the courage to heal
  • How it felt when she was told to “suck it up” by the “Navy Shrink”
  • Why addiction to control was at the heart of Theresa’s eating disorder
  • How she was able to let go of that addiction and how she practices letting go of control today
  • Why she felt it was important to share her story and how that’s been for her
  • How she continues to heal and manage perfectionism tendencies
  • What loving your body means to Theresa
  • Plus so much more!


Show Notes:

Get the first 2 chapters of Theresa’s book for free here>>>

Buy the book Warrior


Connect with Theresa:

Dr. Theresa Larson (Main Blog) | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


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