FRR 39 – Be An Imperfectionist – Interview With Alen Standish

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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I interview Alen Standish – writer and podcaster – on how he overcame 15-20 years of binge eating and poor self-image to be a full time imperfectionist.




In this episode, we chat about:

  • How Alen overcame 15-20 years of binge eating and poor self-image
  • The role that perfectionism and shame played in his binge eating
  • His experience overcoming body image issues as a man and issues normally associated with women
  • How body image issues manifest differently in men
  • Why his relationship with food was never about the food and the specific tools that helped him get to the root of the issue
  • The role of meditation in Alen’s recovery
  • Letting go of your “give a damn” to stop allowing other people’s perceptions rule your actions
  • The specific things you can do to end your war with perfectionism
  • All about Alen’s new podcast Inner Effort and how this platform will share people’s tactics on how they overcame various emotional struggles
  • PLUS SO much more…


Show Notes:

Progress Not Perfection Ep. 58: Interview with me (Summer) on body image and authenticity.


Connect with Alen here:

Inner Effort {NEW Podcast} :: iTunes| Progress Not Perfection {Old Podcast} :: iTunes | Facebook | Twitter


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