FRR 21 – Fit & Feminist – Interview with Caitlin Constantine

SummerEat the Rules, Self-Esteem, Self-Love

In this must-listen-to episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, Caitlin Constantine – writer, runner and triathlete  – talks about how women can build confidence, become self-actualized and move past impostor syndrome in a world where women are so often boiled down to their superficial beings.


FRR 21 Caitlin

In this episode, we chat about:

  • How the portrayal of women in fitness has evolved in the last couple decades – progress or hindrance?
  • Why a ‘willingness to try’ builds your intrinsic sense of confidence
  • Why having a network of supportive and positive people and being willing to ‘fake it’ are critical to helping you push past your limitations
  • How our culture enforces impostor syndrome in women and how this manifests in our self-image
  • Why comparison hinders our confidence and simple ways to overcome it
  • What Caitlin thinks it means to be feminine
  • Caitlin’s favourite fitness magazines for women (that show a diverse portrayal of women…hooray!!)
  • And SO much more…


Show notes:

Sport’s Illustrated 50 Fittest Women

Sport’s Illustrated 50 Fittest Athletes

Fit & Feminist: On Confidence

Erin Brown: As Is

Definition For Ladies (magazine)

Women’s Adventure (magazine)

Misadventures (magazine)

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