FRR 21 – Fit & Feminist – Interview with Caitlin Constantine

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In this must-listen-to episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, Caitlin Constantine – writer, runner and triathlete  – talks about how women can build confidence, become self-actualized and move past impostor syndrome in a world where women are so often boiled down to their superficial beings.


FRR 21 Caitlin

In this episode, we chat about:

  • How the portrayal of women in fitness has evolved in the last couple decades – progress or hindrance?
  • Why a ‘willingness to try’ builds your intrinsic sense of confidence
  • Why having a network of supportive and positive people and being willing to ‘fake it’ are critical to helping you push past your limitations
  • How our culture enforces impostor syndrome in women and how this manifests in our self-image
  • Why comparison hinders our confidence and simple ways to overcome it
  • What Caitlin thinks it means to be feminine
  • Caitlin’s favourite fitness magazines for women (that show a diverse portrayal of women…hooray!!)
  • And SO much more…


Show notes:

Sport’s Illustrated 50 Fittest Women

Sport’s Illustrated 50 Fittest Athletes

Fit & Feminist: On Confidence

Erin Brown: As Is

Definition For Ladies (magazine)

Women’s Adventure (magazine)

Misadventures (magazine)

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2 Comments on “FRR 21 – Fit & Feminist – Interview with Caitlin Constantine”

  1. I’ve been participating in races since before title 9- the thing that made me strong and independent was having my own career and not relying on anyone else financially in order for me to raise my daughter, put her through school and own my home. NOT my two ironman races, ultras, and hundreds of other competitions.

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