Resolutions are bullshit: A different way to make change

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It’s that time of year where we are inundated with messages to detox, cleanse and ‘reset’.


Whole foods has replaced all of their pie displays with green powder cleanses and 45 different hardcover ways to repent your Christmas sins. Bloggers have replaced their recipes for ‘healthy’ cookies with their latest detox book. They really have your best interests in mind, don’t they?


I know the allure. It’s so tantalizing and it draws you in every year.


I find myself having to be hyper vigilant and aware of the way these messages hit my brain.


They promise you a short-term solution to help you get your shit together because ‘this year is going to be different’. They strike when you are at your weakest because let’s be honest, whose pants aren’t feeling a little tight right now?


They make you feel like you are flawed and that they have the solution to all of life’s problems. That before and after pic is oh sooooo tempting. “This time I am doing it!!!” (read this for my personal experience with before and after pics)


Your friends will be buying into it and posting about it on social media. Everyone else is doing it, right?


I’m here to give you the ass kick that you need to stay away from that bullshit.


It’s diet mentality. A band-aid solution to your self-loathing.


What if instead of cleaning our slate we sought out a more balanced approach?


What if we checked in with ourselves and asked, “what does my body/mind/soul want?” “What will feel good for me right now?”


What if we did this on a daily basis instead of ‘starting January 1st’?


What if we focused on loving ourselves more through setting boundaries and making time for shit that actually matters?


What if we didn’t make any choices that came from a place of self-loathing, fear or hate?


What if instead of seeking a food solution to obtaining a self-image that is lovable and perfect, we sought out self-acceptance to embrace and celebrate our uniqueness?


What would it look like if we gave that to ourselves?


When we’re driven to do something in order to gain a reward, escape self-loathing or gain others approval, we tend to fall flat on our face.

When we do things because we want to grow, nurture ourselves and because it feels good, we succeed.


Instead of jumping into the ‘all or nothing’, take small steps to feel better about yourself without a January 30th expiry date.


Or don’t… go get your meal plans ready and start posting all your #day1 food on Instagram!*


Lastly, you don’t need to change one thing right now. You can make changes any time. If the timing isn’t right then don’t do it.


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