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Official Bio

Summer Innanen is a Body Image Coach who helps women to stop living behind the numbers on their scales. She helps women all over the world to ditch their diet demons and amp up their confidence through her private and group coaching at


She is the best-selling author of Body Image Remix: Embrace your body and unleash the fierce confident woman within and creator of the 21 Step Body Image Remix, a life-changing 21 day program that helps women to build unabashed body confidence. She is also the creator of the flagship Rock Your Body online program dedicated to helping women break free of societal standards and be unapologetically themselves.


She is the host of Fearless Rebelle Radio, a podcast dedicated to empowering women to live life on their own terms, where she has interviewed leading body image and anti-diet experts and activists such as Isabel Foxen Duke, Kelsey Miller and Ragen Chastain.


She has been featured in Refinery29, The Huffington Post, Beutiful Magazine, on popular websites such as Breaking Muscle and Paleo For Women, and featured on several chart-topping podcasts including, Harder To Kill Radio and The Paleo For Women Podcast. She has been featured on TV shows like Better Living Through Yoga and Dinner Party Wars, and was a guest star on the talk show Daytime.


She lives in Vancouver, BC Canada with her husband and fur-child.



Life Coaching Training – Co-Active Coach (Coaches Training Institute)

Life Coaching Additional Education – Completed Playing Big Facilitator’s Training (Tara Mohr)

Certified Nutritional Practitioner  – Institute Of Holistic Nutrition

Bachelor Of Business/Minor In Psychology – Wilfrid Laurier University


Social Media

Podcast – Fearless Rebelle Radio


Private Facebook Community






Professional Images










Books & Group Programs

Body Image Remix: Embrace your body and unleash the fierce confident woman within


21 Step Body Image Remix – a life-changing 21 day program that helps women to build unabashed body confidence



Rock Your Body – my flagship 12-week group program for badass women who are ready to stick it to societal standards and stop living behind the numbers on their scales



Media & Appearances

September 2016: You Ain’t Your Weight Podcast

September 2016: Life Unrestricted #10 – Start Living Your Life Unapologetically

August 2016: Food Psych Podcast #68 – Beating the Restrict-Binge Cycle

March 2016: Refinery29: This Is What “Going Paleo” Did To My Body

March 2016: The Wellness Wonderland Podcast #98

March 2016: The Ancestral RD’s Podcast: Empower Your Body Image

March 2016: Women’s Strength Training Summit – Speaker

January 2016: Huffington Post: Is It Brave For A Woman To Like Her Body?

January 2016: Harder To Kill Radio #37: Should You Break Up With Your Scale?

January 2016: Real Food Mama’s Podcast #26: Body Image For Mom’s

January 2016: 6-Page Feature in Beutiful Magazine

December 2015: Paleo For Women Podcast Ep. #46

November 2015: Body Image Remix is released and hits bestseller status in multiple Amazon categories including all of Non-Fiction and Self-Help

November 2015: Real Health Radio Ep. #16

November 2015: Paleo For Women guest post

November 2015: Strong Body Whole Heart podcast

October 2015: At The Table Podcast

October 2015: feature on Nourish Balance Thrive

October 2015: feature on Tegan Westra

September 2015: Guest lecturer for the Stop Fighting Food Masterclass

September 2015: Fit Vibrant You podcast

March 2015: Team Nutrition Genius podcast

February 2015: Progress Not Perfection podcast Ep #58

February 2015: Mind Body Musings Podcast Ep. #37

February 2015: Finding Our Hunger Ep. #87

February 2015: Fed & Fit Podcast Ep. #7

January 2015: Rebooted Body Podcast Ep. #97

November 2014: feature on Lauren Fowler

November 2014: The 21 Step Body Image Remix is born!

August 2014: Poster speaker at Ancestral Health Symposium 2014

July 2014: Paleo For Women guest post 

July 2014: Breaking Muscle guest post

June 2014: Fearless Rebelle Radio is born!

June 2014: Paleo Parents guest post

May 2014: Finding Our Hunger Ep. #55

May 2014: Real Food Liz Radio Ep. #1

May 2013: Breaking Muscle guest post

March 2013: Rock Your Body is born!

2013-2014: Nutritionist on Better Living Through Yoga

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