I’m excited to announce that I’m ready to hire a team and am looking to set up some interviews ASAP!


I’d love to hire someone who has a strong interest in helping women break up with diets and promoting positive body image. And you get my voice:) Most of the tasks I need help with are based on research, formatting, uploading, and analytics. There is some light editing in GarageBand, but this doesn’t have to be outsourced right away.


At this time, my budget is $200 per month, and I likely only need a few hours per week to start, including one 30-minute weekly meeting (possibly two, but we’ll play it by ear). Below are the tasks that I’m looking to delegate (some will be weekly – ex: analytics, some can be completed a couple of times per month in batches, and some are once every couple of months or so):


Blog Tasks:

  • Create graphics for blog posts (simply write blog title on branded image, format & upload)
  • Source images for blog posts
  • Format/publish blog posts
  • WordPress expertise

Newsletter Tasks:

  • Format/queue up newsletter (Mailchimp)

Podcast (Fearless Rebelle Radio) Tasks:

  • Research interview questions
  • Edit podcast in GarageBand (adding in intro & outro)

Content Creation Tasks:

  • General research for my programs/blog posts, etc.

Public Relations Tasks:

  • Research partnerships & collaborations
  • Outreach to potential partnerships & collaborations

Social Media & Marketing Tasks:

  • Queue up social media posts
  • Find good content to share

Analytics Tasks:

  • Track/Create weekly summary of list growth/number of hits/popular blog posts, etc.

Content Creation/Filing/Organization Tasks:

  • Organize client files
  • Edit/create documents in Mac Pages


If you’re interested in working with me, please contact me by Friday Sept 26th at summer@summerinnanen.com with the subject line “Rockstar VA” and include: information about yourself, why you feel you’d be a great fit for the position, why my work resonates with you, and any other information that will help me to learn more about you and your work. If everything sounds good, I’ll contact you to set up a time to chat! No private Facebook messages or comments via the blog, please.


Note: I’d prefer to hire one team member at this time, so if you happen to have experience in MOST, but not all, of the tasks above, please indicate which tasks you’re unfamiliar with, but would be willing to learn on your own time. Plus, I’d be happy to provide training videos/answer questions.

Thank you!

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