FRR 73 – Discovery Not Recovery – With Kaila Prins

SummerBody Image, Eat the Rules, Self-Love

In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I chat with Kaila Prins – motivational speaker, coach, dance teacher and drag queen trapped in a cis-woman’s body – on what it means to be “recovered enough,” the damaging messages of health culture and how to choose discovery.



In this episode, we chat about:
  • Kaila’s story of recovering from an eating disorder to becoming a burlesque dancer
  • How burlesque dancing helped her discover who she really is
  • What it means to be “recovered enough” and why it’s important to recognize when you’re stuck here
  • What discovery is all about and why it’s so damn scary
  • Why body positivity is not all that glamorous in real life
  • All the details on Kaila’s new Discovery Not Recovery program
  • Plus so much more!
Show notes:

Kaila’s Discovery Not Recovery Program

Kaila’s Go Fund Me page for her Burly show in NYC

Connect with Kaila: | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

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