FRR 53 – Fighting Size Stigma – Interview With Ragen Chastain

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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I chat with Ragen Chastain – author, speaker, activist and internationally recognized thought-leader on self-esteem, body image and HAES – on size stigma, HAES, why every body deserves respect, her experiences training for an Ironman and SO much more.


In this episode, we chat about:

  • How Ragen went from having an eating disorder to becoming a fat activist
  • How her research led her to Health At Every Size and then size acceptance
  • The research on dieting and weight loss and why health habits are the best way to get a healthy body
  • The experience that made her to realize the oppression against fat people and how this was the catalyst for her activism
  • The role of fat stigma on women’s body image
  • If you have issues with your body, it can be you and your body against that problem—not you against your body
  • Why your life wouldn’t be better if you were thinner—your life would be better if you lived in a world that didn’t stigmatize fat and why changing the world is the solution
  • Is it really possible to be happy, sexy and successful at any size?
  • The good fatty/bad fatty dichotomy – what is is and how she navigates it being a athlete and activist
  • How she handles the trolls and stays determined against the negativity
  • All about her experience with her Ironman training
  • Plus so much more!


Show Notes:

Ragen’s book, Fat: The Owner’s Manual


Connect with Ragen:

Dances With Fat (Main Blog)| IronFat (IronMan Blog) | Sized For Success (Speaking site) Facebook | Twitter

Or email her


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