5 Body Image Do’s & Don’ts

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As the date for my free Remix Your Body Image workshop approaches, I wanted to give you a list of 5 body image Do’s and Don’ts. There are so many misconceptions about body image that cause women to struggle to accept their body.


But first, do you remember those Do’s and Don’ts lists from US Weekly magazine?!?


…DO wear a vacsac bag around your ass to hide your cellulite.

…DON’T fart in said vacsac.

…DO wrap a fanny pack around your neck for a functional necklace.

…DON’T doodle skulls on your face with red crayon to look more punk.


Or was it In Touch that had this section? Their parents must be so proud of that journalism degree they paid for.


5 Body Image Do’s and Don’ts:




…Don’t seek out validation from others to build your self-worth. Only you can give this to yourself.


…Don’t limit your body image work to solely trying to love your body. It’s SO much more than this.


…Don’t believe that changing your body is what will improve your body image. It’s about changing your mindset.


…Don’t force the message of ‘I love my body’ without making it a daily practice. You can’t adopt this mentality without doing the work.


…Don’t be afraid to put yourself first and carve out the time you need. Having a good body image means you know you are worth it.




…Do purge the things that feed your evil doppelganger.


…Do treat yourself as a whole. Rather than your body being a separate entity that you manipulate to have a better life.


…Do challenge your preconceived notions about how your body is limiting your life.


…Do celebrate other women… appearances and achievements.


…Do own your imperfect uncool self.


I’m going to be digging into these in more detail and giving you specific exercises to help you ditch your body image demons in the workshop on Thursday, November 6th at 8pm EST. Reserve your spot now>>>


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What’s another body image do or don’t? I want to hear from you! Sound off in the comments below>>>


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