Success Stories

Beautiful Words From Beautiful Women.

Success stories - beautiful words from beautiful women

For the first time in my life, I no longer feel restricted and I’m able to enjoy food again and no longer binge.

Rock Your Body was life-changing! My body doesn’t hold me back from doing anything anymore and I feel confident again. Before the program, I had lost my inner smile. I was a self-loathing ball of hatred and I was hiding myself from the world. My relationship with food was so extreme. I was never happy and everything revolved around my body and food. I was a mess – sad and depressed. I was a ball of hatred – I couldn’t eat right. I had gained 40 pounds after competing in a bikini competition.


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I have truly transformed the way I think about myself, my body, and food in the best way possible!! I can’t recommend Summer’s coaching enough!

Before working with Summer, I felt like I couldn’t lose weight no matter what diet I did. I hated my body and felt like I couldn’t win. I felt out of control. I have noticed so many positive changes since working with Summer! I don’t feel like my self-worth is based upon what the scale tells me or how my clothes fit, I don’t throw a fit every time I get ready in the morning and I don’t care about what others think the way I used to.


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I’m a therapist and a coach and I know a lot of therapists and coaches. Summer is top tier! She is compassionate, capable, bright, insightful, and has a skill level I don’t often see (and I’m picky).

She has the ability to see through the bullshit and, even more importantly, to help YOU see through your bullshit. She will guide you to the heart of whatever issue you are working on.


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I would recommend Summer’s coaching to ANYONE who is struggling with food and body image. I suffered for over 20 years and I hope that others will reach out to her sooner than I did

She helped free me from diet culture and all of the “shoulds” that I burdened myself with. She helped me find my inner peace and calmness in the midst of my anxiety and hectic life.


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In truly giving myself permission to eat anything I want, I have taken away food’s power. Food is just Food. In giving myself permission to love and accept me as is I have gained peace.”

Before I came to Summer, I was frustrated that I couldn’t “control” what I ate. I would be “good” and on plan for sometimes 10 sometimes 3 days and then I would go off. I struggled with consistency. I felt I was either being good or bad; on or off. I felt shame and disappointment that I couldn’t maintain my eating plan and lose weight.


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Within weeks I could feel myself relaxing around food and feeling more confident in myself. Summer’s coaching has set me free from dieting and left me with the mental space to really enjoy my life with some new found confidence.”

I’ve spent the last 25 years of my life very preoccupied with food and my weight along with a lot of negative self-talk about my behaviours around food. Constant fear of losing control around ‘forbidden foods’ and making a hobby out of dieting were distracting me from the life I wanted to be leading.


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I wanted a calm peace when it came to my body and food. And with Summer I was able to find it—I am so much freer now.”

My frustrations with food included binging weekly and mostly everyday at a certain time before I left work. It was debilitating and I honestly couldn’t take it anymore. I was a smart, funny person who was paralyzed everyday by food and afraid to be alone in my house with food for fear of binging.


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Don’t walk—CARTWHEEL—to hire this girl. She won’t just change your body or your mindset. She’ll change your life. I seriously eat whatever the hell I want (something I thought Summer was joking about) and there’s no more guilt associated with food.”

After calorie-counting, constantly restricting myself and watching my weight yo-yo for YEARS, I joined a boot camp that put my body through hell. I lost ZERO pounds. (Yes. Zero.) Shortly after that, I bought a gym membership and was working out 3x a week with Rocky montages playing in my head.


Summer turned me around. I was in a dark place with my food and body before working with her. Summer taught me amazing tools to help me create a more loving approach to my body and food.

Before working with Summer, I was so frustrated with the feeling of being so out of control with food. I hated that I always dieted but keep gaining weight. Since working with her, I have noticed a real change towards my awareness with food/mind and body.


I am a new person. I love and respect my body, have broken free from the calorie counting, fitspo prison I was in, and have genuinely fallen in love with exercise again. Summer has truly changed my life!

For most of my life I have had a dysfunctional relationship with food, nutrition, and exercise. My constant struggle to have the “best body” I could have (whatever the hell that means) had a major impact on my physical and mental well-being.


I can’t possibly begin to explain what you have given me.

I struggled my entire life and never honestly thought body neutrality would be my thing. I feel whole and unafraid. You are a blessing in the biggest sense of that word.


This program has been a huge success for me.

I feel like I’ve found the balance I was looking for. I know I’m not perfect, but I’m ok with that. I still have work to do, but I feel great and that’s what counts for me. You rock! THANK YOU!


Image of Emily

I used to look at your pictures of you so carefree and happy, and get so envious and had no hope that I could ever get to that point. I think I’m there and wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I have forever changed my views on what it means to be worthy of love and what it means to be beautiful. I would hire her again in a heartbeat!

Before working with Summer, I felt out of control around food. I was stuck in the diet/binge cycle big time and felt that I needed to achieve a certain look externally in order to be worthy of taking up space in this world.


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I am feeling so free about food. For the first time in my entire life I don’t feel like the changes came from obsessing. I feel like a HUGE weight has lifted…And now I have more time to work towards building the life of my dreams now that I am not obsessing about food and my body.

Before the Rock Your Body program, my relationship with food and my body was horrible. The changes to my body have been great, but that isn’t what I think is the successful part of this.


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Working with Summer was my FIRST step to really living, living MY own beautiful life. When I found Summer I was at a point where the process of trying to feel well through the “right diet and right supplements” had broken me down to where I really didn’t know why I was fighting to feel better anymore; it was my last resort before I gave up on ever feeling well.

It didn’t turn out that way though, instead of it being my “last step”….it was my FIRST step to really living.” Before I started working with Summer, I was quite simply terrified of food. I was terrified of losing control.


Image of Erin

The changes I’ve experienced have been so drastic and wonderful that I almost can’t believe it is real. For the first time in my life I have begun to accept who I am.

My mindset has changed beyond compare. The way I feel when I get dressed, the way I feel when I choose what to eat at a restaurant, my level of joy and confidence! Summer helped me get here! 100% don’t put off loving who you are for another moment!! There is never going to be a better time than today!


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I feel that people are brought into our lives at the precise moment that we need them and I am blessed that Summer was that person. I have learned that I am enough.

Before I discovered Summer, I was frustrated with my body because it didn’t look the way I wanted it to look. I was always fighting with myself, beating myself up, feeling guilty when I ate something I “wasn’t supposed to eat”


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Summer’s program was real! Frank, focused, and empowering me to decide how I feel about who I am… helping me rid myself of external pressures that changed my mind about my worth.

For this taught me that I am worthy and grateful. Before working with Summer I was feeling frustrated. My body held me back from my goals and activities and I was ashamed of being overweight. Having done every sort of diet ever I was hope less to make the changes I needed to feel like I was attractive and worthy.


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Summer helped to guide me back into myself, after decades of looking at my incredible body like it was a problem that I wasn’t quite smart enough to solve.

Summer’s program appeared like a lit candle in a big, dark room, right when I was at the end of my proverbial yo-yo dieting rope. I’ve gone through restriction and overexercise followed by indulgence and self-destruction (followed by restriction and overexercise) for at least 30 years, since I was 9 years old and got my period for the first time.


Breaking free of the diet cycle and learning to appreciate my body has freed up so much energy to focus in other areas of my life.

Removing the false illusions I had been projecting all this time has allowed me to be more fearless in all areas of my life, especially my relationships. I came to Summer at a point when I had become very confused about food. I had bounced from paleo, to low carb, to keto diets only to end up struggling to stop the madness!


Before I felt completely separated from my body, like it wasn’t even my own. Now, I feel so much more calm than I have in a year and I am overall happier.

I’m not spending every waking moment thinking about what I’m going to be eating and how I am looking and what other people might be thinking of me. Before working with Summer, I was binge eating in preparations for all the “dieting” and restricting I was going to do the next day. Everything about my body felt, and looked wrong to me. I cannot emphasize that enough.


Working with Summer was incredibly freeing. She opened a door to a world of self-love, freedom and relaxed comfort around food that I did not know existed.

Because of Summer, I am kicking that door down and connecting with a trust for and with myself that I hadn’t known was possible. Before I met Summer, I was frustrated about what the hell I was “supposed” to be doing. I didn’t know why I was failing at mindful eating. I didn’t know why mindful eating wasn’t the panacea it was supposed to be.


My life is more relaxed. Totally and completely freeing! I spend more time with friends and family and less time obsessed with macros and WODS.

I have learned to embrace my body the way it is and I’ve stopped beating it down with too little calories and too much exercise.” Before working with Summer, I was frustrated with my body because I had been eating paleo rather strictly for years and CrossFitting 5 days a week for a few years and my body still didn’t look “CrossFit enough”.


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This program totally rocked. I never realized what a big old jerk I was being to myself. I feel like I dumped a bad partner and found myself a super-mensch, only the mensch is me!

Before the program my relationship with food was messed up and I was the meanest person to myself that I knew.”


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Summer was my nutritional doula. She was exactly what I wanted her to be – knowledgeable, sympathetic (to my cries for doughnuts), motivational, and quick to respond to odd random questions.

She provided the handholding I required in order to make this huge transition in my life. I approached Summer out of vanity. I studied and taught yoga for over 5 years and along the way had altered my diet to what the yogis around me and abroad insisted were the key to a healthy, clean & vibrant existence (I wasn’t a vegetarian, though – even Ghandi ate meat!).


Working with Summer really started a lifelong change in mindset for me. I am no longer a slave to the diet mentality – I’m a rebel!

Before I worked with Summer I was frustrated that I didn’t look like everyone else. I always felt like the chubby one in my group of friends. I thought that I would never lose the weight I thought I needed to because I had lost weight and then just gained it back when I stopped dieting. I felt that I needed to learn how to eat better in order to be a better person.


My relationship with food and my body is no longer a diet/exercise roller coaster and guilt fest. Before it always left me feeling self-conscious and totally hopeless that I would ever achieve my goals.

I feel much more relaxed and I know my goals can be achieved. I have fewer cravings and I can now tell that they’re just habits rather than hunger. I feel confident in my own skin, I don’t feel guilty when I take time to pamper and take care of myself, and I’m excited to really get a lifetime balance going where I can maintain being healthy. I never realized how much of this process was psychological which was the biggest surprise for me, but it does make total sense once you think about it.


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I now have a much better understanding of myself and feel a lot more confident about my ability to achieve lasting, positive change.

I no longer view foods as “good” or “bad”, realizing that my constant quest for perfect eating and the inevitable fall from grace was not helping me achieve better health. Before the Rock Your Body program, my relationship with food and my body was misunderstood. Although I knew I wanted to be healthier and change physically, the decisions I was making were taking me farther away from those goals. I’m definitely more accepting of myself as I am today.”