FRR 74 – Navigating Body Image With Chronic Illness – With Ivy Felicia

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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I chat with Ivy Felicia – Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and Body Image Expert – on how to feel more comfortable in a bigger body and navigating “body love” through chronic illness and weight change.


In this episode, we chat about:

  • Ivy’s story of growing up in a larger body and suffering from PCOS
  • What is PCOS and how it impacted Ivy’s relationship with her body
  • Why she looks at “body love” as a relationship, like a marriage
  • How to choose peace with your body, even when there is frustration and resentment
  • How to navigate weight gain and be more comfortable in a bigger body
  • What Ivy suggests for women who have gained weight and are feeling physically and emotionally uncomfortable in their larger body
  • How to appreciate and accept your body if you are suffering from a chronic illness
  • How to make nutritional changes to support a health condition without triggering the diet mentality
  • Plus so much more!

Show notes:

Ivy’s Free Body Relationship Workbook: “5 Ways to Begin Connecting With Your Body”

Connect with Ivy: | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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