I help women STOP hating their bodies.

I help women stop hating their bodies

If You’re a rebellious woman

Who’s DONE with dieting and letting the scale dictate your self-worth, but you still feel uncomfortable in your body,

long to be thinner, constantly compare yourself to other women and care waaay too much about what other people think of you, then that’s my cue to enter stage left.

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Hi – I’m Summer Innanen, professionally trained coach through the internationally renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI), specializing in body image, self-worth and confidence, and best-selling author of Body Image Remix.

Over the past several years, I’ve taught hundreds of women, just like you, how to radically shift their perspectives so they can stop hating their bodies, embrace the badass woman inside of them, and start saying, doing and wearing whatever the hell they want.

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The sad truth is that so many of us are wasting our lives stressing about our bodies and obsessively trying to “fix” ourselves.

In fact, we’re so distracted by trying to mould ourselves into some ridiculous “ideal,” that life is passing us by.

And let’s face it, you don’t want to be a 65-year-old woman still fretting about your weight, right? You want to be the queen of the bocce ball tournament!

What we don’t realize is that body shame has NOTHING to do with our bodies and EVERYTHING to do with what’s going on inside our head.

I know this because I, too, struggled with body shame and confidence for DECADES. In fact, growing up, I don’t remember a single time when I felt good in my body and that shame quickly spiraled into an obsession with dieting in an effort to “lose the weight once and for all” which would occupy more than half of my life.

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Even when I was at my thinnest, I still hated my body.

It wasn’t until I experienced a complete hormonal breakdown at the age of 32 (we’re talking hormone levels that are the same as Sophia from Golden Girls), brought on by my fixation with weight, dieting and exercise, that I had my wake-up call moment and knew that I needed to stop trying to makeover my plate and start making over what was going on inside my head.

So I smashed my scale, trashed all of my dieting books and spent years working on getting to know who I was beyond the size of my body.

The result was my weight finally stabilized to where it was MEANT to be, and nowadays, I eat whatever I want whenever I want it, and I now have a deep-rooted belief that I AM worthy and enough, exactly as I am.


I’ll let you in on my secrets

The more I got to know who I was on the inside and started to count life experiences instead of calories, the more comfortable I got with my exterior.

The more that I believed I was valuable and worthy on the inside, the less my body defined my worth.

The more that I let my inner power express itself, the more gratitude and appreciation I felt for my body because without it, there would be no me.

I now rarely think about how my body looks, and I own and embrace every aspect of myself– quirks and all.

I’ve had more incredible life experiences in the past few years—like moving across the country on a whim, becoming a best-selling author and conquering several of my dream hikes—than in decades prior.

And now, I specialize in body image, body positivity, confidence, self-esteem and self-worth to help other women overcome self-doubt and stop thinking negatively about their bodies.

Because feeling comfortable in your body isn’t actually about your body. It’s about getting to know the woman who lies underneath and letting her take centre stage so you can live life to the fullest.

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When I’m not smashing the patriarchy and causing mischief on the internet,

you can find me introverting out at home with my husband and pug, exploring as many mountain tops as possible, rocking out to 80’s music and leaving no ice cream shop unvisited.

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