I’m Summer Innanen, Body Image Coach and best-selling author of Body Image Remix. I roll with straight-talk, tough love and wicked humor to empower women all over the world to ditch their diet demons and feel hot-damn fearless in their body. If you're ready to unleash the fierce, confident woman within, then come get my rockstar management.

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What if your “perfect” body was the one you’re in today?


Just think: Your self-worth wouldn’t be measured by some bullshit, inconsequential number or “ideal”.


The word “fat” wouldn’t be attached to feelings of shame, despair, disrespect, or disgust.


And your “perfect body” would be the one you’re in RIGHT NOW and actually feel grateful for. (Even on the crappiest of days.)


The truth is: You already ARE that strong, badass woman you want to be. You just need to coax her out to play, and I can show you how.


I’m Summer Innanen, a Body Image Coach, who teaches rebel-yell women all over the world how to stop living behind the numbers on their scales and embrace their bodies, so they can start living their awesome life and forget what “I feel gross days” even feel like.


If you’ve had enough of your weight dictating your worth, I’ve got your backstage pass to body freedom waiting right this way.>>

“I am a new person. I love and respect my body, have broken free from the calorie counting, fitspo prison I was in, and have …

-Jessie

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