I am Summer Innanen. Diet rebel, food lover and nutritionist on a mission to help you love your body and live your healthiest life. I help clients achieve extraordinary results with my unconventional approach. If you are looking for an out-of-the-box experience, like no other nutrition program, then I am your girl. Ready to ditch the rules, go rogue and have a ton of fun in the process? Let’s rock this!



Are you ready to kick dieting, restrictions, rules and guilt to the curb? Do you want the confidence to feel good in your own skin, live longer and achieve the unthinkable? Are you sick of not feeling your best and letting your health fall by the wayside? Do you love food, laughter and fun? Um, who doesn’t?

I will help you change your relationship with food, get that lovin’ feeling back with your body and develop new habits in order to live a life that you’ll adore. No gimmicks, counting, measuring, restrictions or guilt. I will help you to create new routine that address each of your frustrations and barriers. It is possible to change your life once and for all and it doesn’t need to be stressful. This time will be different and I can help you get there.

“Summer was my nutritional doula. She was exactly what I wanted her to be – knowledgeable, sympathetic (to my cries for doughnuts), motivational, and quick to respond to odd random questions. She provided the handholding I required in order to make this huge transition in my life.”

-Robin Red, Artist, Los Angeles California

Praise for Sexy By Nature

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