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Because self-worth doesnt have a size.


BREAK out of the diet culture cage.
Get FREE from body shame.
LIVE life on your own terms.
Know you are good enough beyond your jean size.

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Imagine if the numbers on your scale and the size of your jeans no longer held you prisoner.

Imagine if you could:

Buy that fitted dress you’ve been eyeing because you think it's fierce as hell

Go on a beach vacation, rocking a bikini, because who cares!?

Ask your partner for help with the chores because you don’t settle for putting yourself last anymore

Sign up for that 5K and be ok if you come in last place because you finally did something you’ve always wanted to try

Skip the gym to watch The Bachelor and eat Oreos because maybe you just need some couch time

Get it on—lights and all—because it makes you feel like a sexy beast

Ask for a raise because you kick some serious ass at your job and you know you’re worth it

Post an unfiltered photo on Instagram because you simply don’t care about what other people think

Try stand-up-paddle-boarding because you’re comfortable rocking your uncool and uncoordinated self

Take that hiking trip you’ve been dreaming about for years because life is waaay too short to wait until you’re in “good enough shape.”

And what if you could get out of the cage and get untamed TODAY

not “when the weight comes off?”

Just think:
You'd be free

of The Soul Sucker that is diet culture and the way you feel about yourself wouldn’t be measured by the number on the scale, the food you eat or some ridiculous “ideal.”

You wouldn’t care about what other people think of you because you'd know you’re a bold, brilliant, and fiercely passionate untamed woman who can DO and SAY anything.

And you’d have sooo much more energy to focus on the things that will truly ignite your inner flame and fuel your life and future.


You already ARE that fiery, untamed woman you want to be.

You just need to fan the flames and You, On Fire can show you how.

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Show me some jazz hands if you’re so over feeling like

You’re a failure, not confident, unattractive or unlovable.

(Because ALL you see on buses, social medai, TV and magazine covers are size two’s with doll tits, glazed skin and shellac manis who look like they walked off the set of The Bachelor).

You can’t break the attachment and longing for your former “before” body.

You’re ready to move the hell on from thinking “if only I could go back to that time when I was thinner, I promise I’ll appreciate it!” F that noise.

You don’t like the way you look

You’re ready for the mirror-avoiding, tummy-pinching, photo-untagging, shame-spiraling and perfection-chasing to END already.

You let other people’s opinions and your weight dictate every aspect of your life.

How does your shitty scale get to measure your self-worth, since when does your body define WHO you are, and why is anyone’s opinion of you allowed to matter?

Nothing you do is ever good enough.

Because apparently if you reach society’s “ideal”, your house will one-up Martha Stewart, Channing Tatum will realize you’re his soulmate, people will mistake you for Gisele when you’re running errands, you’ll never feel unhappy or insecure again, and you’ll be doing money-throws on yachts with Rihanna.

If this sounds like you, it is not your fault!

I’ve seen way too many women fall victim to the belief that being smaller, punishing, restricting and depriving ourselves will lead to self-worth and fulfillment.

We believe in the fantasy that our lives would be better if we just weighed less. We get hooked on chasing that bangin’ bod we think will solve all our problems.

But believe it or not, body shame has NOTHING to do with our bodies and EVERYTHING to do with our culture and the messages it has drilled into our heads.

And this is exactly why I created You, On Fire.

So you say goodbye to "bad body days" and feel on fire like THIS instead (click play!):

live a life that doesn’t revolve around your body size

Experience the freedom of being your untamed, unapologetic self no matter what you look like.

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Headshot of Chloe
“You, On Fire encouraged me to peel back the layers and challenge the causes behind my crappy body image.

It helped me embrace who I really am and start to believe I’m enough, just as I am, in this body, right now. That nagging inner critic has been turned right down.

This process has been transformational!”Chloe

"It's like a miracle!

I'm not so hooked on the mirror anymore. I feel like the life I was waiting to live once I got the external conditions right is finally happening for me now!"

You,On Fire
you’ll learn how to…

Quit Hating Your Body

So you can make mental space for the things that truly fire you up and give you a sense of passion and purpose.

Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

So you feel complete and worthy no matter what size you are.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Women

So you can appreciate body diversity (including your own), and quit feeling less than every other woman in the room.

Overcome Your Fear Of Weight Gain

So you’re no longer hinging your self-worth on conditional crap you can’t control, because the reality is, your body is going to change over time — and it deserves your love through thick and thin.

Figure Out Who You Really Are And What Makes You So Incredible

(Hint: SO MANY THINGS) now that you’re no longer defined by dieting or your weight.

Master The Art Of Not Giving A Fuck

Because you’re untamed and know that life’s too short to let other people’s opinions rob you of what you want.

Reframe Self-care

So you see it as the necessary fuel for your fire and it feels easy now that words like “motivation” and “I should” are a thing of the past.

Accept Yourself In Pictures

And wink at your reflection in the mirror even on meh or not-so-good days, because your self-worth DOES NOT hinge on your size.

Headshot of Starlett
“I looked at myself in the mirror and said I’m worthy and valuable just as I am. The best part is that I believed it. I can feel the change inside of me and I genuinely believe it…It feels amazing.”Starlett
Headshot of Heather
“You, On Fire is a life changing program. Summer is a great coach who helps you get unstuck.

I am in a much healthier mindset about myself, my body, food, and my whole life, than I have ever been in before.”Heather

Headshot of Erin
“You, On Fire changed my life. The class took me on a journey towards a life of really living in and loving my body.

I feel freaking awesome! I don’t want to sound cliche but I feel free!

So much of my mental real-estate and life is freed up because I’ve learned how to live life in the present.

I’ve learned how to love and care for my body in a way that works for ME and I’ve learned to grant myself the permission to be the only expert that I care about in terms of any and all types of self-care.”Erin


You, On Fire is a one-of-a-kind experience, like nothing else out there.

That will teach you exactly what you need to do to feel better in your body and know you’re good enough, regardless of how you look.

EVEN IF… you feel you “you can’t accept this body.” Because, the truth is you have nothing to lose by being more compassionate and loving to yourself.

EVEN IF… you feel like you’re “giving up” (newsflash: learning to treat your whole self with respect and kindness is literally the opposite of giving up!)

EVEN IF… you’re afraid that this won’t work because you’ve failed diets your entire life. There is no failure in this work… only more resilience, acceptance and FREEDOM.

So if you’re ready to smash the scale, break out of the cage and untame yourself,

then let’s discover
You, On Fire!

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Here are the Dirty Details

(or, Exactly What You Get)

Online Learning + Live Group Coaching

You, On Fire blends online training with custom coaching from me and an online group, so for 6 whole months you get both personalized and community support on your path to body acceptance, badassery and rampant untameability.

6 Months of Live Coaching Calls + Recordings

You’ll get personalized coaching from me in the group calls (happening twice a month) where we'll bust through any unmovable obstacles that you’re facing. (Can’t make a party? No sweat. They’re all recorded so you won’t miss out!).

($1,550 VALUE)

Lifetime access
to the You, On Fire Program

Once you’re enrolled, you’re with us for life. (In a totally non-culty way. Swear.) This gives you the freedom to revisit the course materials any time you’re craving a refresher or if you feel like redoing the program from scratch.

($997 VALUE)


You’ll also have access to me via our private, online group to answer all of your burning questions. You’ll meet other Untameables in our private community who understand where you’re coming from, and are here to high-five you every step of the way.

($549 VALUE)

10 training modules

You'll get access to 10 Training Modules that are broken into bite sized lessons with an audio training, transcript and missions to complete. Altogether, you’re receiving:

($900 VALUE)

  • 10 Audio Trainings
    So you’ll know exactly what to do to cultivate a positive self-image each and every week.
  • 10 Weekly Playbooks

    These action-packed and fire-igniting missions contain playsheets and exercises, so you can put theory into practice and stop fretting over your body.

  • 10 Transcripts
    Every Audio Training includes Transcripts, so for those times when you’d rather read than listen, I’ve got you covered.

Not to Mention, You’ll get These Fiery Bonuses

Prep Tutorial

Instant access to your first tutorial with 6 Mini-Missions to implement in your life right now to stick it to the haters (including the one inside your head).

$100 VALUE

Access to the You, On Fire library of coaching calls

You can listen to additional coaching tools, reframes and perspectives to help you truly rewire your brain and hear real-life implementation of the concepts and tools. This will help you take it from “intellectually understanding” the concepts to truly embodying them.

$1,500 VALUE

3 60-Min Masterclasses From These Experts

Headshot of Caroline Dooner

Glenys Oyston, RDN

($197 VALUE)

Healing Your Relationship to Food

Eat with ease and understand "health"

Headshot of Vinny Welsby

Vinny Welsby

Untangling Internalized Weight Bias

Separating weight from health/worth

($197 VALUE)

Headshot of Vivienne McMaster

Vivienne McMaster

Your Relationship To Photos

How to show up in pictures and be OK with what you see.

($197 VALUE)

12 Mindset-Shifting Culture-Bending Tutorials from these untamed experts

($750 VALUE)

  • Headshot of Chris Sandel
    “Cultivating Happiness
    In Your Life”
    by Chris Sandel (he/him)
  • Headshot of Sarah Vance
    “Reclaiming Self-Care”
    by Sarah Vance (she/her)
  • Headshot of Kerri-Anne Livingstone
    "Daring to Feel"
    by Keri-Anne Livingstone (she/her)
  • Headshot of Melissa Toler
    “Dieting Is Bodily Injustice”
    by Melissa Toler (she/her)
  • Headshot of Camille DePutter
    “Become Your Own Storyteller”
    by Camille DePutter (she/her)
  • Headshot of Nina Purewal
    “Letting go of what you can’t control”
    by Nina Purewal (she/her)
  • Headshot of Ivy
    “Navigating Body Acceptance With Chronic Health Issues”
    by Ivy Felicia (she/her)
  • Headshot of Zakiya
    “Unleashing The Sensual Goddess”
    by Zakiya Gayle (she/her)
  • Headshot of Crystal Bougon
    "Making It Hot"
    by Chrystal Bougon (she/her)
  • Headshot of Kaila Carpenter

    "Discovery, not Recovery: How to Move on with Your Life"

    by Kai Prins (they/them)

  • Headshot of Anette Sloan
    “Teaching Girls To Love Their Bodies – And Themselves”
    by Annette Sloan (she/her)
Image of Summer holding a hammer and stepping on scale

On top of all that, you’ll have ME to guide you every step of the way.

If we haven’t already met, I’m Summer Innanen,

a professionally trained coach through the internationally renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and expert in body image, confidence and self-worth.

I work with incredible humans who are done with letting the scale dictate how they feel about themselves.

The only problem is you feel uncomfortable in your body and long to be thinner. You’re constantly comparing yourself to others and you let other people’s judgments dictate your mood and actions.

I know exactly how this feels and that’s why I created You, On Fire.

Headshot of Carolyn
“I can’t begin to explain the impact this program has had on my life.

I feel like I have been reborn and know that my future is one of promise, hope, and success.

If you are on the fence about this program jump on in, there is no way you will ever regret it. Well worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!”Carolyn

Headshot of Courtney
“The self discovery experience during this program was amazing. I learned so much more about myself than I ever could have imagined.

It was an absolute privilege to work with Summer and the other women in the group.”Courtney

You, On Fire isn’t like other group programs

Where you get canned content and you’re left to DIY everything on your own. I personally get to know you to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you need to stop fretting about your body and live the life you want.

You’ll get a step-by-step way of building up self-worth beyond your jean size amongst a supportive and encouraging community of women, just like you, championing you to shake that self-hate off your shoulders and experience the freedom to wear, do and say what you want.

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We all have a natural resistance to change, lurking inside us, especially when dieting and hating our body has been our way of life for decades.

But, that hasn’t worked. You deserve to do something for your happiness NOW…and let’s face it, you don’t want to be a 65-year-old woman still fretting about your weight, right? You’re gonna be the queen of the bocce ball tournament!

Once you’ve made the commitment, we’ll take it one day at a time, and I’ll be here for you every step of the way. Think about how far you could be in 6 months if you put the effort and intention behind it. Don’t spend another minute hating on yourself. You are worth so much more than that!

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Headshot of Emily
“I am purely enjoying life now! I can’t thank you enough for all the inspiration you’ve given me!

It’s after 10+ years of being so hard on myself that it finally clicked!”Emily

Headshot of Jackie
“The biggest thing that I’ve noticed about how I feel about my body is that I honestly rarely think about my body anymore. It’s kind of become a non-issue, which I never would have believed at the beginning of the program.

I had a lot of other issues that were presenting themselves as food and body issues and this program really showed me how to get to the REAL issue.”Jackie

Get a sneak peek at what we cover in each module:


Burn The House Of Unrealistic Expectations

  • Let go of the “ideals” and "shoulds" that have got you trapped in body shame.
  • Move to a place of ambivalence in your body, so you can start to feel nonchalant when you look in the mirror and accept your imperfections like they’re no big deal.


Self-Worth Beyond the Scale

  • Heating up your self-worth so you have a solid belief that you are good enough so that it’s completely untethered from the scale.
  • Connecting with who you are and what truly fulfills you now that the pursuit of thinness isn't dictating your identity - find more fire, pleasure and passion in your life.


Untame Your Instincts

  • How to intuitively eat and move in a way that feels good for your body without beckoning the diet brain.
  • Redefine your relationship to health so that you see it multidimensional and on your terms - and not dependent on being thinner.
Headshot of Ivy
“I’m doing the thing I want to be doing and not thinking about how I look. I’m just enjoying it."

"I’m feeling a love for my body that’s beyond my appearance. Appreciating my body from this perspective has been life-changing.”

Headshot of Sam
“It’s liberating. I feel like I can go out and create a life for me based on my terms. I can wear what I want. I can put my time and energy into things that are important to me."

"It’s created this whole space for me to leave my mark on the world because I’m not spending so much time thinking about my body or what others will think of me.”

Headshot of Jyll
“It feels amazing. It feels like freedom - it feels like being free of those chains that bound me for so long. I’ve lifted that weight. Sometimes I can’t believe I’ve lifted that weight and how long it’s been. It feels really good. It feels like freedom.”
Headshot of Miriam
“I feel like I’m on fire.”

“I feel this anticipation of what’s around the corner and what possibilities are out there for me now. I spent so much time and energy dieting. Now I’m energized. I have room in my life for so many other things.”


Here’s what you get when you join You, On Fire:

The Core Content

  • (10) Audio Tutorials + Transcripts ($450 value)
  • (10) Playbooks for each Module ($450 value)
  • (6) Months of Live Coaching Calls ($1,550 value)
  • Instant Access to Pre-Show Tutorial ($100 value)
  • Members’ Only Facebook Group ($549 value)

The Fiery Bonuses

  • Lifetime Access to course + updates ($997 value)
  • Library of YOF Calls ($1,500 value)
  • (12) Guest Expert Tutorials ($750 value)
  • (3) 60-Min Masterclasses from Glenys Oyston, Vinny Welsby and Vivienne McMaster ($595 value)

Get the entire
You, On Fire program
valued at over $6,000!


Ready to get fiery, get free and live life untamed... BEYOND THE SCALE?

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12 Monthly Payments

$75 USD

Enroll Now >We Accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express

*By selecting this option, you are committing to 12 monthly payments

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Pay In Full and get 1 x 30 minute private coaching sessions with me ($200 value)

$897 USD

or 3 payments of $299

Enroll Now >We Accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express

This program IS for you if you’re ready to...

  • Look in the mirror and maybe like what you see or don’t, but be able to go on with your day and not give it a second thought,
  • Be able to show up in pictures and at social events and feel at ease instead of being stuck inside your head,
  • Believe in your core that you are good enough, regardless of how you look, what you ate, if your to-do list is done or whether your house is spotless.
  • Speak to yourself with kindness and compassion instead of judgment and criticism,
  • See “fat” and “thin” as neutral descriptors instead of feelings,
  • Stop letting the opinions of others hold you back from wearing, saying and doing what you want,
  • Recognize that not everyone will like you, and that’s ok,
  • Be MORE than your jean size. (Because who wants a tombstone that reads: “All she wanted was J-Lo’s ass”?)
  • And be unapologetically you.

This program IS NOT for you if...

  • You want to size-two your way through life and lose weight. This isn’t a weight loss program. This is a total body image makeover, so you can feel like a badass in your body.
  • You’re seeking advice around food. This program is not about what you eat or how you eat. It’s about changing your relationship to your body, and to yourself. Because really, your body image issues have nothing to do with the number on the scale and everything to do with your mindset.
  • You have an eating disorder or are looking for therapy. If you have an eating disorder, you need to work with an eating disorder specialist. Also, I don’t tap into your inner child or do any of that Dr. Phil stuff. I’m a coach, not a therapist, so I’m only here to help you move forward, not look back.

Still got Q's? Then I’ve got A's…

When you sign-up, you'll get immediate access to the You, On Fire Dashboard with access to the pre-show module, bonus tutorials, YOF course calendar and library of YOF calls so you can get started right away. You'll also get instant access to our private Facebook community.

The calls happen twice a month on Wednesdays at 5pm Pacific and either 10am or 12pm Pacific, which makes them accessible to Europe, North America, Australia/NZ and beyond!

All of the calls are recorded and you are asked to submit questions in advance if you can't make the call live.

You are NOT broken and we’re not going to be fixing you. We’re going to be getting you in touch with that badass part of yourself that existed when you were born and slowly got domesticated over the years. I have the utmost confidence that your untamed self will rise to the surface. You can break out of the cage and get free of the soul sucker that is diet culture -- but, you need to have hope, determination and structure to make this happen. And if you’re in need of some more inspiration, here are some of the stories from women who have done the program and in their words, “if I can do it, so can you.”

My Personal
“You Will Get Fired Up and Untamed”

I’m so confident that this program will utterly transform the way you relate to your body and inspire you to unleash the untamed woman within, that if it doesn’t? I’ll give you your money back.

Every last cent.

Here's How It Works

If after the first 4 weeks, you’re just not feeling it and you don’t think this program was meant for you, then I’m happy to fork over a full refund. Simple as that.

Sound like a deal?

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