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Get Featured On Podcasts – Workshop with Summer Innanen

A 60-min workshop teaching you exactly how to pitch yourself to podcasts in a way that’s authentic, impactful and efficient. 

This is for you if:

-You have a message you want to share with the world,

-You are tired of relying on social media and want to focus your time and energy on a medium that lives forever, benefits from SEO and reaches new potential clients,

-You want to get your message out to new audiences because you feel like the same 10 people like your posts.

-You would LOVE to hire a PR team, but don’t have that kind of dough or don’t want to invest in that arena yet.

-Perhaps you’re an introvert and the word “networking” makes you jump into the fetal position under the couch… podcasts are a phenomenal way to connect with others without expending too much of your precious energy.

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My experience with podcasts:

I’m Summer Innanen, a professionally trained coach specializing in body image, self-worth and confidence. I’ve been helping people exclusively with body image for 9 years and am also the co-creator of the Body Image Coach Certification Program with Danni “Amapoundcake” Adams.

In 2014, I launched the podcast Eat The Rules – it’s now in the top 0.5% of podcasts and has nearly 2 Million downloads across over 285 episodes. I’ve successfully pitched myself to countless other chart-topping podcasts including Food Psych, Make Some Noise, Listen to Your Body, The Recovery Warrior Show, Turn Me On and more.

I have received hundreds of pitches over the years and have seen TERRIBLE pitches (that people likely paid an agency thousands of dollars for). I’ve also seen really great pitches where I responded right away to book the guest. I’ve analyzed and saved so many of these pitches over the years that I know what it takes to write a great pitch.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

Exactly how to come up with 3-4 signature topics you can use to set yourself apart in your pitches.

8 questions to help you determine your unique perspective and topics to pitch.

The 5 things you want to include in your pitches to highlight your expertise, ignite interest for your topics and personalize your greeting.

The quickest way to find podcasts to pitch to (hint: it’s not scrolling through apple podcasts).

Why cold pitching isn’t always the best idea and what to do instead.

A fill-in-the-blank pitch template that you can adapt and use over and over.

How to efficiently pitch and follow-up with podcasts in an organized way and access to a done-for-you podcast pitch tracking document.

How to create a press kit to pass along to anyone interested in interviewing you.

When is it?

The live event already took place, but you can get instant access to the replay and worksheets.

You’ll get:

60-minute video workshop walking you through exactly how to craft your pitch, choose your signature topics, find podcasts to pitch to and follow-up in a systematic way,

A done-for-you podcast pitch tracking document so you can organize your pitches in an efficient way,

A fill-in-the-blank pitch template that you can adapt to use over and over,

Access to my own media kit and podcast pitch template so you can recycle it for your own content.

What other professionals have said about the workshop:

  • Headshot of Chris
    “For so long I’ve known of the power of being on other people’s podcasts but I felt stuck with how to do this. Summer’s workshop is a game-changer and over-delivered: it walked me through the exact steps and gave me the confidence (and practical advice) to start reaching out to other podcasters. I’m so grateful for this workshop and only wish I’d learned this information years ago. Thank you Summer!.”Chris Sandel (he/him) Seven Health,

  • Headshot of Lael
    “I still cringe when I think about the clumsiness of my first podcast pitch – it was basically a how-to in what NOT to do! I’m so grateful for Summer’s detailed, point-by-point workshop on crafting a podcast pitch that folks on the other end will also be grateful to read! Five stars!!.”Lael Atkinson (they/them) Certified Professional Recovery Coach
    Founder of Beyond Shrinking & Drinking

  • Headshot of Glenys
    “This was a great workshop on how to pitch yourself to podcasts. As a former podcast host, I know a bad pitch when I see it – but I wasn’t sure how to create a good one for myself! This class has given me all the tools I need – including templates and brainstorming ideas – to craft my message in an authentic way and increase my chances of getting a “yes” from podcast hosts. I’ve been procrastinating on this until now and I can’t wait to use these tools to help get my message out there to those who need to hear it..”Glenys Oyston (she/her) Registered Dietician Nutritionist
    Founder of Dare Not To

  • Headshot of Evelien
    “I just watched the replay and it is so frickin’ valuable!!! I literally can’t wait to create my own press kit and search for podcasts to approach. You’ve made this whole process so easy and understandable, and I 100% feel that if I create a pitch with the steps you just provided, I will get way more ‘yeses’ than I would’ve gotten on my own. Thank you so much for creating this workshop!.”Evelien Bijl,
    Founder of the Dutch Perfectionism Coach Academy and author of a Dutch book on releasing perfectionism

  • “I learned so much from Summer’s Get Featured On Podcasts workshop! As a podcast host herself, she knows what works and what is a waste of time.

    I feel confident that I’ll be able to use the tips and organization materials she shared to land some interviews and increase my reach as an anti-diet professional.”Christy Ragsdale (she/her), CEIC and Certified Diet Recovery Coach/ Weight Neutral Coach



I’m offering this at a sliding scale in an effort to help more marginalized voices who experience financial difficulty gain visibility in this space. Use the coupon code that works best for your situation.

Standard Plus price = $105
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Standard price = $85
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Equity pricing = $42.50
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No questions asked and no need to explain. I trust that you are picking the option that works best for you.

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