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The Body Image Remix Book

Embrace Your Body and Unleash the Fierce, Confident Woman Within

In this refreshingly amusing self-help guide

Body image expert Summer Innanen gives you the low-down on why changing your body image isn’t about changing your body—it’s about changing your mindset.

With her not-so-PG stories, colorful language and cheeky advice, you’ll learn…

How to identify and challenge the beliefs that are holding you back from feeling comfortable in your body.

Why self-love starts with changing your mindset.

The ins and outs of what it really means to love yourself with specific steps on how to get there.

How to stop being weight obsessed in a culture fixated on thinness.

The key components to building self-worth outside of your jean size.

How you can be unapologetically you in a society that tells you who you “should” be.

Plus, journal prompts and exercises to kick-start your body positive journey and unleash the fierce woman within!

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Rave Reviews

Headshot of Megan Jayne Crabbe
Star Rating
“A must read. Laugh out loud funny, informative, readable, practical and comforting throughout. This is a perfection intro into body acceptance and breaking free from dieting, with extra mental health stuff in there too.”Megan Jayne Crabbe (@bodyposipanda), Best Selling Author of Body Positive Power
Headshot of Stefani Ruper
Star Rating
“Summer’s passionate, brash, sassy and down-to-earth approach to self-love is both refreshing and extremely effective for empowering women to love themselves.”Stefani Ruper, Best Selling Author of Sexy By Nature
Headshot of Kaila Prins
Star Rating
“It’s no secret that I love Summer Innanen and the work she’s doing in the world of body image, but in case you hadn’t heard me shouting from the rooftops. If you feel like you and your body are on opposite teams, if you feel like your scale has more authority than a therapist or a doctor, if you feel like your day is determined by how your pants fit, if you feel like your worth is only as high as your weight is low, then you need to read this book.”Kaila Prins, Coach & Host of the Finding Our Hunger Podcast
Headshot of Megan Roth
Star Rating
“Summer Innanen’s book Body Image Remix is at the top of my list of books I would recommend on working through and dealing with body image issues! Summer is intelligent, honest, raw, and freaking hilarious! She walks you through all of the difficult issues that come up when you are working on trying to improve body image and break free from the diet culture.”Megan Roth, Therapist
Headshot of Katie Dalebout
Star Rating
“A must read! Summer is a bright light! I’m so grateful for this book!!”Katie Dalebout, Life Coach & Host of The Wellness Wonderland Podcast
Summer Innanen Holding the Body Image Remix Book

About The Author

Summer Innanen is the best-selling author of Body Image Remix and a professionally trained coach through the internationally renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

She has also completed The Playing Big Facilitator’s Training by women’s leadership expert, Tara Mohr, where she mastered coaching techniques to help women overcome self-doubt and fear.

She specializes in body image, body positivity, confidence, self-esteem and self-worth and has worked with hundreds of women all over the world to overcome self-doubt and stop thinking negatively about their bodies via her private and group coaching. She is also the host of Eat the Rules, a podcast dedicated to body positivity, self-help and feminism for badass women.


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