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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and in honour of this “Hallmark” holiday, I would like to propose that you ditch the stale candies, $10 BPA-stuffed animals and dedicate some time to loving yourself. I have the perfect gift to help you to do this, so keep reading!


This Valentine’s Day, make sweet love to your body by recognizing all of the incredible things you are capable of and vow to stop shaming yourself.


One of the biggest light-bulb moments I had in my body lovin’ journey was realizing that I needed to love and accept my body the way that it was at that moment before I could truly be happy, confident and feel free around food.


At first this idea seemed insane and impossible to me. I, like most women, was convinced that we lose weight to be happy, not the other way around. It took me a long time to truly understand and embrace this concept and there are many people that have helped me to come to this realization.


I would like you to meet one of those women…Anne-Sophie Reinhardt.



I first came across Anne-Sophie via her True Beauty podcast and connected with her after I read her book “Love Your Body The Way It Is.”


Love Your Body The Way It Is” is bursting at the seams with advice and fun exercises that you can do right now to cultivate self-acceptance. I use some of these exercises in the Rockstar Body program and cannot recommend this book enough if you struggle with accepting yourself TODAY.


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My personal favourite exercise, “Scales & Sizes,” pushes you to realize that you can start living the life you want NOW in the body that you have today. It also involves smashing your scale, which you know I’m a big fan off.


Anne-Sophie’s story is really profound and I am sure her work will resonate with you, so I want to share my interview with her. To celebrate Valentine’s day, Anne-Sophie is giving away one copy of her book, “Love Your Body The Way It Is,” so keep reading to find out how you can enter to win!


Tell everyone a little bit about yourself and the types of people you work with.


I’m a body-image and self-love coach and writer.


I struggled with disordered eating, constant dieting and body-hatred for all of my life and 3 years ago, I’d had enough. I stopped dieting once and for all and slowly found my way to personal freedom – a gift that I’d never ever thought I’d give myself. Today, I feel comfortable in my body, I accept myself the way I am. I make healthy and sane choices for myself and my body.


Today, I’m happier than ever before and I’m passionate about helping women achieve the same kind of freedom that I have created for myself.


I work with women who are always on a diet, believe that they will be happy once they’ve lost those last 10 pounds or once they’re body looks more toned. I work with women who are simply fed up with having to restrict all the time and who finally want to feel comfortable in their bodies again – something that 99% of all women simply don’t feel anymore.


I help women come back home to their bodies, feel their bodies and find themselves again. It’s the best work in the world if you ask me.


Why did you write “Love Your Body The Way It Is?”


I wrote “Love Your Body The Way It Is because I see the pain in women’s eyes and I want to help them to finally enjoy life again, no matter if their body looks like a supermodel or not. I want women to break free from obsessing over their bodies and instead begin living life again while feeling great, confident and full of energy.


I strongly believe that you don’t have to lose a single pound, nor do you have to conform to society’s limited standards in order to fall in love with your body and that’s what I teach you in the book.


I wrote the book to get women from being numb when it comes to relating to their bodies to fully living in their bodies again, listening to them and nourishing them instead of being scared of them and blaming them for all that is wrong with their lives.


Why is it so important for women to love and accept themselves as they are right now?


It is so important because living a life of hating your body is like walking around with a big black cloud over your head. It casts a shadow over everything, whether you go out with friends or simply take a shower. When you feel self-conscious about your body, you cannot be completely happy. You can never let go, can never simply “be,” because there is always some fear and doubt in the back of your mind.


If you can lift this burden off of your shoulders, you can create a whole new life for yourself. A life without thinking about calories, points, proteins and carbs all day long. A life with genuine laughter, genuine freedom and genuine peace of mind.


I believe that we women stand in our own way of being all that we can be because we reduce our worthiness as a person to our bodies and our weight. What if we did all we ever wanted to do now – whether we’re overweight, underweight or anywhere in between? What if we didn’t wait for the size X jeans to fit or the scale to indicate a certain number? What if we just lived?


I think the world would be a much better place.


What is your favourite exercise from the book?


My favorite exercise of the book is changing the way you talk about your body. Instead of bashing your body, why not shower it with loving words?


I did this exercise every morning for an entire month and it changed my life…


At the beginning I felt ridiculous exchanging thoughts like: “Oh god, I knew I shouldn’t have eaten this cookie the other day. I am such a fat pig. I wish my stomach was as flat as the one of Heidi Klum. Why can’t I control myself? I hate my stomach. I hate myself” for thoughts like this: “Sometimes I can’t even fathom how perfect my stomach is. It is my own stomach, unique to me and nobody else. It’s formed just the way it is supposed to be and a perfect sign of health. I love it and without it, I wouldn’t be me. I am so grateful to have the stomach that I have.”


But over time, it felt more and more sincere and made me feel super confident and at peace with my body and myself. Today, I look at my body in a different way. Instead of comparing it with photoshopped pictures, I look at it as my vessel and as my home. And I can’t tell you how much happier I am because of it.


To win a copy of “Love Your Body The Way It Is,” all you need to do is sign-up for Anne-Sophie’s bi-weekly body image empowerment messages (which are inspiring, fun and full of great tactics to help you be more confident and in-tune with your body) AND leave a quick comment below to let me know that you did it!


Contest ends Tuesday February 18th at 12am EST. One lucky lady (or man…men could use some self-lovin too!) will take home a copy of the book. Winner will be emailed directly and announced via my social media pages.


Be Smashing!


8 Comments on “Valentine’s giveaway & interview with Anne-Sophie Reinhardt”

  1. I signed up! LOVE LOVE LOVE this concept! Women need this! Something I have been feeling myself over the past year as I’ve made more nourishing changes to my body and soul!

  2. I LOVE that this book is out there – I just entered the contest to win the book because I feel this is something so many struggle with it! Thanks for sharing your story Anne-Sophie!!

  3. Hey everyone,

    thanks so much for signing up to win the book. I used a random name picker to pic the WINNER and Madelin – you’re IT. :)

    Congrats. If you email me your email address at, I’ll send you your copy right away.

    Big hugs to all of you,


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