Feel F*cking Great!

It’s time to kick body shame to the curb! I want us to feel f*cking amazing about ourselves.

That’s why I’m hosting a FREE Body Acceptance 5-Day challenge. Here are the details:

When: Sept 25-Sept 29

How it works: Over the course of five days, you’ll receive a short email each day with a 5-minute audio clip (or you can read the transcript) and a prompt. It’ll take about 10 minutes of your time to complete. 

These prompts will be simple yet effective exercises based on my You, On Fire Framework designed to help you build body acceptance and feel f*cking great.

We’ll also have a prize each day for your participation.

You deserve to know in your BONES how amazing you are. Let’s go discover that together.

Are you in?!?! Enter your details here:

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