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This is for professionals who work with people who have body image struggles or if you’re curious about becoming a Body Image Coach. This includes, therapists, RD’s, nutritionists, coaches, personal trainers, educators and other wellness professionals.

Find out how you can best support clients with body image struggles through an anti-oppression lens and change the landscape of body image coaching.

You will get a replay if you can't show up live.

During this free workshop, you'll learn

  • Problems within the current landscape of body image coaching and the opportunity for us to do better.


  • 3 essential things to understand before you start working with people around body image.


  • 3 skills to develop to ensure clients success and work towards collective liberation for all.


  • Why we created our Body Image Coaching programs and an intro to what we teach.


Plus, you'll also be given details on what the
Body Image Coaching Foundations
coaching program is all about.

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You will get a replay if you can't show up live!

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