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All the details about my programs and private coaching (including the investment) can be found here. If you’re interested in private coaching, check out what it entails here and set-up a free 20-minute phone session with me.
I’m happy to help. The best way to get my support is in my private Facebook community. That’s where I’d be happy to answer your question and this allows others to benefit from it seeing it too.
Absolutely! Get in touch using the contact form below.
My business policy is that I will not promote online summits to my loyal fans. If this is a requirement for your summit, then I will not be able to participate.
I’m always looking for anti-diet/body positive/feminist guests with kick-ass self-help advice. If you’d like to be a guest on the podcast, email me with a description of who you are, why you’d be a good fit for my audience (make sure you’ve listened to my show) and some topic suggestions. Please note, I will not accept any interview pitches for people who encourage weight loss or promote a certain way of eating.

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