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A LIVE Workshop teaching you how to Embrace Your Body & Unleash the Fierce, Confident Woman Within.

You know the woman…

Confident, fierce and full of swagger. She walks into the room and it lights up like a red carpet.

She loves getting dressed in the morning and jumping to the front of photo op’s. She’s too busy dying with laughter, flirting with the cute bartender and hitting the dance floor with her friends to notice all the other women around her. She doesn’t let the scale, stomach inches, jean sizes, macros and fit-bit points dictate her self-worth.

Well, meet your future self!

It’s the radiant badass woman you’ve always wanted to be.

But, how does she do it? How are you supposed to be That Woman when you wake up every morning fretting about your stomach, your arms, your {insert least favorite body part}?!? The truth is, you can be her. In the body you have. Right now.

Changing your body image isn’t about changing your body, it’s about changing your mindset.

The Body Image Remix is a life-changing online program

And this time, I’m teaching it LIVE on December 2nd. You’ll get 21 steps to take to drop the self-hate and get you on your way to strutting with confidence!

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  • “I had no idea that things could shift as quickly as they did. I felt different after the first 3 missions and after 7 missions my boyfriend and close friends started to notice a difference in how I holding myself. I feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin – I’ve made such huge strides in how I view myself and my place in this world.”Chloe
  • Headshot of Ashley
    “This program truly helped me realize that I am so much more than a body, and can love myself in the kind I’m in today. For years I’ve been obsessed with every piece of food that crossed my lips, so it’s hard to believe that I was able to change the way I feel about my body in such a short amount of time. What an incredible relief!”Ashley

The Body Image Remix program is perfect for you if

  • You’re newer to body positivity and body image work and want the specific steps to take to build a solid foundation for your badassery to grow
  • You spend more time hating on yourself than feeling good about yourself and you want to get to a place where you don’t think about your body anymore
  • You are DONE with dieting and ready to buy out of this idea that your life would be better if you were thinner
  • You’ve been trying to work on your body image but feel stuck and want to know what specific actions to take
  • Headshot of Chris
    “I’ve had a remarkable shift in the perception of my body. I have been able to let go meticulously tracking food, steps, and fitness as well as significantly reduce the amount of my time and energy spent thinking about food of weight loss.It’s a process, but with minimal effort i’ve made a significant change. And, a year later I continue to grow and benefit from the program”Chris
  • Headshot of Carla
    “There had been a complete shift in perspective. I never expected to own, and be confident, and comfortable with myself and my body – yet I am. I have more confidence and respect for myself. I own who I am. I have very few days with the negative self-talking me.”Carla
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Here’s how it works

Come to the LIVE workshop on December 2nd, then you’ll receive the entire Body Image Remix program. You’ll get:

Access to the Live workshop

On December 2nd at 9am Pacific time, you’ll get access to the LIVE workshop where I’ll be walking you through the steps to take to deprogram all the BS diet culture has fed us, how to feel more neutral in your body and coax the badass woman within out to play.

*You’ll get access to the recording afterwards if you can’t make it live or want to watch it again.

Live Q&A and Coaching

During the workshop on December 2nd, you’ll get Q&A time with me and the opportunity for LIVE coaching to help you bust through your biggest barriers.

21 Sassy* Emails

After the workshop, you’ll get 21 emails with each of the steps to keep you inspired and invigorated as you put them into action.

*Warning: There’s some colorful language in this program.

21 Action-Packed Missions

Where I give you practical and actionable steps you can take each day – everything from destroying your scale to purging your closet – to take you closer and closer to unleashing the fierce confident woman within.

21 Not-Your-Average Affirmation Image Cards

To support each of the 21 Missions and rewire your brain to “Damn, I’m good just as I am!” mode. Think of these as your daily VIP tickets to self-confidence.

30-Minute Overcoming Self-Doubt Audio Tutorial

To help you radically change the way you speak to yourself and uncover the real reason you feel negatively about your body (hint: it’s not actually about your body!). You’ll receive a step-by-step way of working through self-doubt so you can start listening to and unleashing the badass woman inside of you.

You’ll also receive These Bonuses

Body Image Remix eBook Product Image

a kick-ass

With all the content, missions, affirmations, plus a couple surprise bonuses.

Body Image Remix Audio Visualization Product Image

A Guided audio visualization

To help you turn down the volume of your inner critic and flex your compassionate self-talk muscles.

The Question Is, Are You In?

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Get in on the LIVE workshop and the entire Body Image Remix Program now for only


Enroll between x-x, and you’ll also get access to TWO Bonus Group Coaching Calls!

For a limited time, I’m running this program as a group cycle between x-x. This means you’ll get access to TWO Bonus Group Coaching Calls for one-on-one support!

  • Headshot of Trista
    “I can’t believe the changes I had made in just 3 weeks! Fast forward 8 months later and I feel like a new woman with not only self confidence, but so much more acceptance for myself and woman! I feel so empowered by what I have learned!”Trista
  • Headshot of Sio
    “I am back to truly living, to realizing the amazing life I have, and to be taking charge of who I want to be! I have lost all the extra pounds…the weight of not truly caring for and loving myself, the weight for content food worry, the weight of measuring, calculating and counting every calorie eaten or burned every day…GONE”Sio

How I Unleashed My Inner Badass…

I struggled with body shame for SO many years. Trust me, I’ve tried everything under the sun, only to end up stuck in an endless cycle of sabotage and self-hatred.

It wasn’t until I remodeled my brain instead of my plate, that I was able to wink at my reflection in the mirror, eat whatever I want and feel like a Rockstar in my body.

Now I teach other women who are OVER “I feel gross” days how to do it too. I’ve taken some of my best exercises and crammed them into this program.

  • Headshot of Heather
    “I can’t believe how quickly I was able to make an about face in regard to my body image. I love and respect myself more now than I ever thought possible. I feel much more confident in my day-to-day life!”Heather
  • Headshot of Veronica
    “My relationship with my body has and is improving by leaps and bounds! I realize that I a work in progress and this journey is going to take years, but the improvement is the last 21 days has astounded me.”Veronica

My Street Cred


I’m Summer Innanen,

a professionally trained coach through the internationally renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and have completed The Playing Big Facilitator’s Training by women’s leadership expert, Tara Mohr, where I mastered coaching techniques to help women overcome self-doubt and fear.

I specialize in body image, body positivity, confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

With my straight-talk, tough love and wicked humour I’ve inspired hundreds of women all over the world to ditch their diet demons, stop thinking negatively about their bodies, and start caring about shit that actually matters (like snatching your dreams, spoiling yourself silly, and remembering how holy-powerful sex makes you feel).

I’m the best-selling author of Body Image Remix (the inspiration for this course!) and host of Fearless Rebelle Radio.

My Personal
“You’ll Rock This”

I’m so confident that this program will utterly transform the way you relate to your body and inspire you to unleash the badass woman within, that if it doesn’t? I’ll give you your money back.

Every last cent.

You'll Rock This Guarantee Badge

Sound like a deal?

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Still got Qs? Then I’ve got As…

On December 2nd at 9am Pacific time, I’ll be teaching the concepts in the Body Image Remix program LIVE. You’ll get the opportunity for Q&A and coaching with me to help you bust through your biggest barriers.

THEN, you’ll receive the full Body Image Remix program, which includes 21 steps (1 email per step) to keep you inspired and invigorated as you put the lessons from the workshop into action.

The email will have the core concept, the mission you need to complete and an affirmation to inspire you.

Plus, you’ll get a 30-minute Overcoming Self-Doubt audio tutorial taking you step-by-step through how to radically change the way you feel about yourself, which you can listen to at any time.

It will be happening online on December 2nd at 9am Pacific time, so you’ll be able to access it from anywhere in the world (with internet access). We’ll use Zoom, the video conferencing service.

If you can’t make the workshop live, you’ll get the recording afterwards.

If you can relate to any of the statements below, this program is for you…

  • Negative thoughts about my body suck up so much of my mental space that I could have written the last 2 books in the Game Of Thrones series with all that time.
  • I can’t look at myself without gravitating towards my ‘flaws’ and shudder at the thought of facing the dreaded Lululemon change room mirrors.
  • I know I need to ‘embrace my body’, but I have no idea how the hell you do that! Seriously…help.
  • I feel like I’m never going to like my body until my stomach is flat, I have perky boobs and my hips are smooth like butta.
  • I let numbers define my self-worth … the scale, my jean size, fitbit points and it’s a never ending battle with myself.
  • I am newer to this whole world of body positivity and have no idea where to start.
Hell to the no. This program is about embracing the body that you have right now. Big, small, thin, curvy, three-legged or web-footed… this program is inclusive to all and is all about embracing the body you have today.
Body image work is integral to having a good relationship with food. BUT, this program does not address dieting behavior or include any food related work specifically (check out my one-on-one coaching). That being said, it will help you to gain a new perspective on what’s happening in your head when you are handcuffing yourself to the railing to avoid eating all the cookies.
The workshop will be 2 hours. Beyond that, each daily mission will take anywhere between 5 to 60 minutes. There are only a handful that take 45-60 minutes. The majority can be completed in 5 to 20 minutes at most. The good news is that you can complete them at your own pace, you’ll have breaks in between each week to digest them and you can re-visit them forever.
You can complete them and revisit them whenever you do have time. The most important thing is to move through them in the order that they arrive and to not skip a step!
This course was the inspiration for the book. The book goes into detail on body image theory, including where our body image comes from and why our culture makes it so hard to love yourself. This program takes those important concepts and delivers them in a fun and bite-sized way, giving you the “how-to’s” to put it into action to get you on your way to feeling more confident and comfortable in your skin.
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